Experiencing your body

Have you connected to your body? I see a lot of raised eyebrow’s when I ask this question. Not anyone’s fault though. Most of us are taught to be rational, use our “brains”, focus on knowledge and work with “proof.” Increasing scientific discoveries are showing us that the body is a store house of memories. Every cell of our body has intelligence of its own. This does not make the brain redundant, but makes us look at other areas of our body.

Negative experiences makes our body freeze in places and energy is locked up in this places. The locked up energy then shows up as inappropriate behaviour or physical symptoms.  I came in touch with Somatic Experiencing – a methodology developed by Peter Levine to deal with trauma in July last year. As a participant in the training program for somatic experiencing, I connected with the body and began to understand the sensation and feelings through which the body communicates. As a coach, when I began to use it to help others, I saw people feeling more energetic, being able to make sense of their situations and also becoming more aware of their bodies. This powerful technique helps us to discover the power we have in our body.  This technique has been used for a range of  areas such as holding boundaries, developing self compassion, developing self esteem, building energy and vitality, staying in the present movement, living a joyful life, tapping into well being and also to deal with life changing trauma,

Getting in touch with the capacity that has been given to us since birth has been a blessing that I want to share with the world.