Do you want to explore your relationship with the body? Do you aim for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness? Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma or stress? Joyous leadership is an offering for exploring health, happiness and creative potential through the pathway of the body. I also explore the feminine and masculine energies and work with women to explore feminine flow and wisdom. I also cater helping you deal with trauma, stress, depression, anxiety using a modality called somatic experiencing

Overacupoftea is a life coaching offering. Dealing with different aspects of your life over one to one sessions on skype or in person is the goal of this offering

Do you want to build capability for career success. Dealing with ambiguity, creativity, resilience, conversations, assertiveness relationship building and self leadership are some of the areas which are needed by leaders in various kinds of organization leadershipimperative is an offering that works towards building leadership capability