Working with the body


Every cell in the body has intelligence. This makes the body a container on which every experience is imprinted. Every negative experience – stress, tension, hurt, insults, anger, sorrow locks energy within the body. Releasing this energy enables us to have better health, vitality and presence. It also helps us to stay in the present moment, be happy and peaceful and have a positive attitude.  The body is the vehicle for personal transformation and emotional and physical well being, and developing interpersonal relationships. How we show up in the world is what is embodied within us. This is a powerful storehouse of stories we tell ourselves and stories we can change.

As a   coach,   I help people discover the power of the body in 

  1. Releasing stress, tension and negative life experiences by engaging with the body
  2. Developing  present moment thinking and experiencing peace and joy
  3. Build emotional competence
  4. Develop self compassion, build healthy boundaries and connect to the intelligence of the body
  5. Deal with ambiguity and uncertainty and build resilience
  6. Build confidence and presence.
  7. Focus on health
  8. Discover the divine bliss within you
  9. Work with impact of trauma, abuse, depression and anxiety
  10.  Discover ways to engage fully with life

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Rukmini Iyer Director - Exult Solutions, Mumbai

I have experienced several somatic coaching sessions with Sanjyot. She is incredibly perceptive and present and held space for me beautifully. The sessions in themselves have been varied range of subjects from physical pain, to emotional issues, to work related areas. Sanjyot guided me to get in touch with where these issues resided in my body and helped me release and resolve the issues from there. I am awed by the power of Somatic healing to get in touch with body’s wisdom. I would heartily recommend Sanjyot to anyone who wishes to experience coaching and particularly somatic experiencing and trauma release.

Priya Vasudevan Head – Talent Management and Leadership Development, ACG Worldwide, Mumbai

Organisations and leaders have relatively low awareness about the gender dynamics that enable or disable teams and tasks. Feminine calling workshop sensitized me  to the masculine and feminine within me and their interplay. It also left me intrigued on how this awareness can transform individuals and teams in organizations. Sanjyot held the space for this awareness to grow through her knowledge and graceful presence. The workshop has immense possibilities and would recommend to anybody keepn to discover an apparent yet unknown dimension of the self.