These are workshops that have either happened in the past and/or can be conducted on request. This is not an exhaustive list and workshops can be developed on request as well.

  1. Feminine calling

Sri Arbindo said “If there is a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design”. This workshop is about the feminine design. This is a conversation with and about women working in the corporate. It is a conversation about the feminine and masculine energies, the characteristics that are feminine and their usefulness in workplaces. How can women, especially in senior level managerial roles harness their feminine strengths and work with freedom in a setting that has worked largely with masculine characteristics?

The objectives of the workshop
1. Sharing the growing understanding of the feminine principal in the world
2. Discussion on what could be the impact of this new understanding on the way we work
3. Conversations on challenges, perspectives and accomplishment of women in the corporate world.

2. My body My beauty

Keats said “A thing of beauty is joy for ever”.   Body and beauty go hand in hand. If there body, there is life. No body, no life. Life is beautiful when body is beautiful, What does beauty mean?   The social norms define labels for how we look. The myth is perpetuated by movies, advertisements and books. When you look in the mirror what do you say to yourself? Looks and health are about the body. What do we focus on?  How do we reclaim our physical beauty lost in the stories we tell ourselves? How do we connect to our body?  These are some of the questions that this workshop explores.

3. Body Talk

Do you want to learn to

Release stress by engaging with the body?

Develop self compassion, hold healthy boundaries and tap into body wisdom?

Develop body awareness to be healthy and happy?

Our life experiences shape our body and understanding our body can help us deal with challenges of our life. This is a introductory workshop on understanding body awareness and tapping into body wisdom. For those interested I will offer one to one sessions for developing this awareness and working with body intelligence for health and happiness

4. Shakti

In Indian mythology, women are representation of  “Shakti” the cosmic power. The feminine is about power, flow and creativity. The feminine is not gender but energy and thus women have both feminine and masculine in them. Due to the social construct, masculine values and strengths are emphasized and feminine has been considered secondary. In today’s context, feminine values are now been rediscovered and more and more women are reclaiming the gifts of power and flow. Where do women give their power away and how do they reclaim it? This three hour module is focused on exploring the topic. The workshop will be a combination of concept and experience.


  1. Understand feminine and masculine energy and their role in our existence
  2. Experience femininity
  3. Explore the power (Shakti) within
  4. Experience the shift from victim to creator


Other workshops include Creativity, Resilience, Mindfulness, Story Telling, Personal Leadership, Dealing with Ambiguity, Self Nourishment and many more