Joyous Leadership

Well being is experiencing life to its fullness. It is wholistic health - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. So how do we experience life to the fullest. An approach that helps you explore all aspects of well being, helps you to tap into the sense of joyfulness is Joyous Leadership

As per the ancient Indian scriptures our body is made up of 5 layers (Kosha). These are Physical body (Annamaya Kosha), Thought body (Manomaya Kosha), Energy body (Pranamaya Kosha), Knowledge body (Gyanmaya Kosha) and bliss (Anandmaya Kosha). In an approach that combines the physical, mental, emotional, Spiritual, Joyous leadership is the leadership of Bliss or the Anandmaya Kosha. This approach helps you get in touch with the deepest level of Bliss.

Through one to one coaching sessions or through workshops I help you connect to the deepest layer which is the self that lives in your body - the Bliss.  The purpose of these conversations/ workshops can be

Healing Trauma

Building health

Connecting to the divine within

Finding your power

Building resilience


Understanding and leveraging the nervous system

Well being